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Figure 12.6 Data section: the Linked open Data in Resource Description Framework
and comma-separate value.
12.5.2 Endpoint Section
The data we produced have been loaded into an RDF store to which we connected a
SPARQL endpoint, that is, a web service that accepts SPARQL queries and returns
the related results. To this end, we used the RDF store and SPARQL endpoint of
OpenLink Virtuoso (2012) in its open source version. We made this endpoint pub-
licly available within the specific section endpoint of the portal (as shown in Figure
12.5). This allowed us to provide end-users as well as applications with a compre-
hensive environment to be used to directly query the data sets.
12.5.3 Services Section
To show the effectiveness and power of our approach in the development of appli-
cations over the published RDF data set, we provided a number of demonstrative
“ready-to-use” services. The services are implemented using Java Server Pages and
JENA* APIs and exploit our public SPARQL endpoint. Note that with the avail-
ability of the endpoint, these services could have been developed by any other per-
son or organization. Most of the services issue queries on data related strictly to IPA.
For instance, we provide a service through which an end-user can obtain the list of
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