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view I guess, but it doesn't feel negative but rather in a positive way.… So
what the heck am I?
related to negative discrimination, she cannot “be” an immigrant, even though she “ac-
tually is one,” as she puts it. Thus, here migration is not associated with mobility, but
to certain negative experiences and discrimination in the “host country” which Rakel
doesn't share, and thus she cannot see herself through the discursive frame of migration.
in this region primarily those from North Africa.
“International Communities” and Institutionalized Whiteness
InSpain, the identification ofwhiteness was in my analysis not experienced through the
identification or disidentification with Spaniards, but in relation to the institutionaliza-
tionofaparticular whiteness juxtaposed withsocial experiences inthelocalpopulation.
Swedes living in Spain related themselves, socially and culturally, first and foremost to
other migrants from Northern Europe, producing a local privileged position outside the
Spanish definition of whiteness. This identification was upheld by investing in various
forms of capital, such as housing, social networks, private clubs, and private insurance.
The women described themselves as being part of an international community consist-
ing of mainly British or Scandinavians in the region of Andalucía, but they seldom had
personal relations with Spaniards.
Britt-Marie is 50 years old and moved to Spain seven years ago, after having lived
and worked abroad for several years. She has her own business and is living with her
son outside Marbella. For her, the most important aspect of moving to Spain was the
sunnyweather,butalsotheinternational atmosphere andwayoflifehere.Shedescribes
herself as a person with great social skills with a “fantastic social life,” but she cannot
identify herself as being an immigrant in Spain.
Britt-Marie: I feel very Swedish … I have always felt very Swedish. Maybe even
that. Of course you're Swedish.
Catrin: What does that mean more precisely?
Britt-Marie: TobeSwedish?Wellyes,thatyouarenotbyalongwayintegratedinthe
Spanish society. Which maybe could be good or bad. But if you settle here.
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