HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Layout of an html file
The layout of an html file is placed in basically the same format every time your create an
html page. Delete the existing code that is in your html file and type in the following code.
This is the basic outlay of every html website that is made. Here is the breakdown of the
code above.
οƒ˜ Line 1: <html lang=”en”> , this command tells your compiler that you are
simply writing your code in the English language. That is all you will need to know
about this command. Just remember not to forget it when creating any website.
οƒ˜ Line 2: <html> , is telling the compiler that you are starting the html part of
your file.
Note: In html there are opening and closing tags for almost every command that is in the html lan-
guage. Opening tags appear inside greater than and less than symbols <> and closing tags appear in a
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