HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This is the cascading style sheet extension and must be used on every css file just as the
html files must also have their extensions attached to the name of the file. CSS is used to
bring customization to your website. Okay now you should have two pages on your note-
pad++ interface; one with an .html extension and one with a .css extension.
To get a bigger picture of how a text editor can work with the web browser to create a web-
site, type your name or anything into your blank html file and then at the top of notepad++
click “run” and select the web browser you wish to run it in.
Hint: If you do not save your code every time it is modified you will not get the updated version of your
webpage when you are running your code. An easy way to know if your file is saved or not is to check on
the tab area at the top of the screen where you see the names of your files. You will see an indicator that is
either red or blue. It should appear right next to your name of the website. If it's red, you need to save your
code, and if its blue that means that the code has been updated and saved. A quick way to save your code is
by using (Ctrl+s).
Not saved:
After typing text into your html file, saving, and clicking “run” in the ribbon of your note-
pad++ screen you will be able to see that the text has now opened up onto your web
browser screen.
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