HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
To save your file as an html file you want to click “file” and then “save as...”. Or you can
just click “ctrl”, “alt”, and “s” to save a new file and “ctrl” + “s” to save an existing file.
Give your file any name you want, but use the .html extension after it.
I would recommend to create a folder for your file to be saved to. This will make it easier
overtime for you to handle and manage your files.
You can see that I created a name for my website html file and then simply added the .html
extension directly after. Now I also could have clicked at the bottom of the window were it
says (save as type:) and then scrolled down to where it says (“Hypertext Markup Language
”) and just clicked that. Either way will get the job done.
Once you have your file saved you are about ready to start writing your website. Next open
a new window in notepad++ that is empty by clicking “file” and “new”. Then save it as a
css file by using the .css file extension.
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