HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Once you have notepad++ downloaded you want to open it. You should see
a screen like this :
This is the interface that all of your web developing will be done on.
Setting up Files
So when you have notepad++ open you will see that it looks like a regular note pad,
just with a lot of more buttons. On the top of the program you will see a menu bar:
On the menu bar there are only 2 categories that we will be using to create our full website.
The “file” category and the “Run” category. You can see that by clicking the “file” button,
we get options like “new” which is used to open a new window of text and “open” which
is used to open an existing file on your computer that you have previously saved.
All html documents need to be saves as (.html) files. This is because .html is a file exten-
sion, which tells the internet browser that you will be loading a webpage written in html
code or hyper-text mark-up language.
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