HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
You can see that there are a couple of new attributes in the css sheet:
• text align
• font size
• border radius
• z-index
Text-align is used to align your text to a certain part of the screen. You can use the com-
mands, left, center, and right to align your text within an element or on the background of
the webpage.
Font size is used measured in points (pt), can be attributed to a font or element to adapt the
font to a certain size.
Border-radius is measured in pixels and is used to make the border of an element rounded
and not have pointed edges. Z-index is used to layer items. We can layer things by giving
a z-index to different elements. So if I have two elements and one is text and the other a
textbox and I want the text to be in the background of the textbox; then I give the text a low
z-index and the textbox a higher z-index.
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