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Creating webpages can be a hard, but with this quick and easy tutorial I will show you
how to become a web designer. You will learn how to use html and css, which are web
designing languages that are used all over the web, from Google to YouTube everyone uses
html and css to build their websites. You will also learn about how these two languages are
used together to make a complete and dynamic webpage. An important thing to remember
throughout this tutorial is to really understand how this code is implemented.
Now getting straight to the point, HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language) is a web develop-
ing language that is used to display content onto a web browser. Your internet browser is
pre-programmed to understand the html code and know what it is you are telling it to do
with it.
CSS (Cascading style sheets) is an extension to html and although they are different web
languages, they coincide with the browser to create a dynamic webpage.
Downloading Notepad ++
To start writing you code you will need to have an environment to write your code inside of.
The best free code editor to use for writing html and css code is Notepad++. This is what I
will be using throughout this tutorial. Don't worry the software is easy to learn and use.
Steps to downloading Notepad++
1. Go to
2. Click download
3. Follow the on screen directions
4. As of late 2014 the newest version of notepad++ can be downloaded at: .
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