HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
When it comes to adding content to your webpage you will have to 1) keep in mind that
you can only write your code in the body and 2) remember that there are opening and
closing tags for all declarations and they must be in order when using multiple tags in
one line or object.
The simplestthings displayed onto a webpage is usually the text. As you can image
adding text to a webpage cannot be that hard. To display normal text we use the para-
graph command <p> </p>. To add a title to your paragraph or anything on your website
we use the <h1> <h6> opening and closing tags. Make sure you enter your title above
the paragraph so it looks like a title on your webpage.
With the <h1> tag you will get the biggest form of the header title, if you want the title
text to get smaller use bigger numbers in the heading title command.
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