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five daily dives as well as offshore diving at Sunset Reef. PADI, NAUI, SSI,
YMCA, and NASDS affiliated.
Tortuga Divers Ltd ., East End,
345-947-2097, e-mail tortugad@ Located at Morritt's Tortuga Club, this operator has taken out
divers for four years. PADI affiliated.
Treasure Island Divers , George Town,
800-872-7552 or 345-949-
4456. Behind Treasure Island Resort, this 14-year-old facility has four
dives daily. PADI, NAUI and SSI affiliated.
Ken Thompson of Sunset House and Sunset Divers talked with us
about the world of Cayman diving. He can be reached at
How would you classify the diving in the Cayman Islands?
Diving in the Cayman Islands would not necessarily be classified
as typically “adventurous,” although it would probably be argued
by some that it is. When I think of adventurous diving, isolated
dive sites that are difficult to get to, or dangerous to attempt,
come to mind. Neither of those qualities applies to diving in
Grand Cayman.
We do have some of the best diving in the Caribbean, and there is
growing interest in the niche area of technical diving. But rather
than divers attempting to go deep, or seeking caves to explore,
these divers are looking for the next logical step up from recre-
ational diving, which will introduce them to new areas of interest.
I'm referring to the use of nitrox and to rebreathers.
Both of these areas are readily available to the average diver and
do not require incredible stamina, huge investments of time to
learn, or a massive number of dives to master. Sunset Divers has
invested in the qualified instructors and the necessary equipment
in order to offer these programs. We stay ahead of most of the dive
operations on the island.
What can you offer the average diver?
We have not abandoned the regular diver who comes down for his
or her week of great diving in a safe, controlled environment.
Rather, these are programs that can make a holiday more excit-
ing and challenging. We still have some of the best wall diving in
the world, the water is warm year-round, and the conditions
make most other destinations envious.
What can you tell us about your dives?
Our dive boat, Manta , offers all-day, three-tank dive trips to the
more distant dive sites on the northeast and east end of Grand
Cayman. These sites are not regularly dived by operations on the
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