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Wesleyan Holiness Church , Turtle Farm Road, West Bay,
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints , Smith Road, George
Elmslie United Church , Harbour Drive, George Town,
Seventh Day Adventist
Creme Road, George Town,
Room Tax
A 10% government tax is charged on all accommodations. Most hotels add
gratuities ranging from 6-10% to this amount.
Nothing will slow down your vacation faster than a sunburn, your biggest
danger in the Caribbean. You'll be surprised, even if you don't burn easily
or if you already have a good base tan, how easily the sun sneaks up on you.
At this southern latitude, good sunscreen, applied liberally and often, is a
must. This ailment ranks as the number one travelers' concern through-
out the Caribbean. You are especially vulnerable while on the water; sea
breezes may cool the skin but they don't prevent burns. Many snorkelers
wear T-shirts to protect exposed backs from these strong rays.
Sunscreen lotion is sold on all the islands, but
prices are steep; plan ahead and bring your fa-
vorite brand from home.
Area Code
The area code for the Cayman Islands is 345.
Toll-free calls
Most 800 numbers will not work from the Cayman Islands. To access toll-
free numbers, substitute 400 for 800. Callers are charged for these calls.
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