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Even non-birders enjoy this facility. Ride a bicycle up to the center in early
morning to relax on the covered porch watching the show of birds. For a
close-up look you can use one of two telescopes available at all times on the
visitors center porch. One telescope is positioned low, to accommodate
those in wheelchairs. The boobies fly about 40 mph and nest in crude con-
structions made of rough sticks. After a look at the birds, step inside the
visitors center to see exhibits on the birds of Little Cayman. A small gift
shop sells locally made crafts and artwork.
The National Trust welcomes members and donations. Annual
dues are US $30; membership includes updates on projects such
as Booby Pond. For information on the Little Cayman District
Committee for the National Trust, contact Gladys Howard, Pi-
rates Point Resort,
Little Cayman Museum , Blossom Village,
345-948-1033. Learn more
about the history of this small island in this museum. You'll discover that
Blackbeard stopped here with his pirates for fresh water (and, some say, to
bury his treasure in a brick-lined cave). Other exhibits recall the battle of
Bloody Bay.
This is not a shopper's paradise, but you will find assorted small
gift stores around the island, primarily at the resorts. At Little
Cayman Beach Resort, Mermaids sells jewelry, Spanish coins,
clothes, and gift items; the shop is open afternoons only, Monday through
Saturday. T-shirts and some souvenir items can be found at the grocery
store and the small shop adjoining McLaughlin's rental agency in Blos-
som Village. A small gift shop at Pirates Point sells a variety of items, in-
cluding a Little Cayman cookbook prepared by Gladys Howard for the
National Trust.
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