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Conch Club Divers ,
800-327-3835 or 948-1026,
This NAUI- and PADI-affiliated operator offers dives for up to 15 people.
Three daily dives are provided.
Little Cayman Divers ,
800-458-2722, 345-948-1429, www.littlecay- Their 90-foot yacht takes divers to Cayman Brac as well as
Little Cayman. Only 10 divers are taken by this PADI-affiliated operation.
Sam McCoy ' s Diving & Fishing Lodge ,
800-626-0496 or 345-948-
0026, Located at the lodge on Little Cayman's
north shore, this operator runs excursions to the Bloody Bay Wall as well
as shore diving along Jackson's Point. PADI, NASDS, SSI, and NAUI
Paradise Divers ,
877-3-CAYMAN, 345-948-0001, www.paradise-di- Groups of up to 16 can be accommodated by this PADI-affiliated
facility, which offers two or three dives daily, as well as advanced and cer-
tification courses.
Pirates Point Resort ,
345-948-1010. Located at the resort, this dive
shop offers two dives daily for groups of up to 20 divers. PADI, NAUI, and
SSI affiliated.
Reef Divers Little Cayman ,
800-327-3835, 345-948-1642, www.little- Little Cayman Beach Resort is home to this facility, which
includes a full-service photo and video center. Three dives offered daily for
groups of up to 20 divers. PADI, NAUI, SSI, and NASDS affiliated.
Southern Cross Club ,
800-899-2582, 345-948-1099, www.southern- This fishing and diving resort leads four dives daily for
small groups (no more than 12 divers). PADI affiliated.
Snorkeling can be done just about anywhere along the island's rim, but the
top spot is Bloody Bay Wall . Snorkel trips range from US $10-$25.
Many of the island's shallower dive sites are also favored by snorkelers.
Nancy's Cup of Tea , The Meadows , and Jackson Reef are among the
most popular.
Owen Island , on the south side of the island, is also home to good snorkel-
ing, especially on the south side. The island is accessible by boat.
Point of Sand , on the eastern end, is not only one of the island's best
beaches, but it is also a good snorkel site.
Check with scuba operators to arrange a snorkeling trip.
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