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Little Cayman
Little Cayman is the Cayman Islands' tiniest treasure. Vacationers
looking for secluded scuba diving, fly- or light tackle fishing, and na-
ture appreciation find that Little Cayman fits the bill.
Appropriately named, Little Cayman is only 10 miles long and two miles
across at its widest point. Boasting none of the glitz of Grand Cayman, 80
miles to the southwest, Little Cayman does greet guests with all the basic
comforts, including several small lodges and condominiums with air con-
ditioning, satellite television, and telephone service. A favorite with birders
and anglers, this 10-square-mile island is a giant in the scuba diving world
and home of Bloody Bay Wall , named by Philippe Cousteau as one of the
best dive sites in the world. Although a veritable metropolis exists below
the surface, with high-rise coral heads and a marine population explosion,
on land all's quiet and secluded. Only a handful of permanent residents
are lucky enough to make their home on this limestone isle.
This island, which offers accommodations in quiet inns and a few condo-
miniums, is truly for those looking to get away from it all. Don't come here
expecting even a fraction of the action found on Grand Cayman. Shopping
is nil, nightlife hasn't even been considered. But for those seeking solitude,
this is the place to be.
Little Cayman was once the home of a few die-hard anglers and scuba di-
vers who were willing to live without any creature comforts. One of the
earliest residents was actor Burgess Meredith, who had a vacation home
on the northwest side of the island in the 1970s, back in the days when
electricity was produced only by home generators (the first electrical ser-
vice came to the island in 1991).
With a permanent population of fewer than 170 people, the island's pri-
mary residents are birds and iguanas. Over 2,000 Little Cayman rock
iguanas inhabit the island, so many that “Iguana Crossing” and “Iguana
Right of Way” signs are posted throughout the island to protect the five-
foot-long lizards. Local artists Janet Walker and John Mulak painted the
popular signs.
A Brief Island Tour
Most of Little Cayman's residents live in a community called
Blossom Village , on the southernmost tip of the island. Here
you'll find most services, including the airport, car rental, grocery
store, gas station, real estate office, restaurant, and several accommoda-
tions. The island's main road curves through town, but there's certainly no
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