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Hill's Taxi , Spot Bay,
345-948-0540. These tours cover the caves, light-
house, museum, and more.
Maple Edwards Taxi , Spot Bay,
345-948-0395. These tours include
the museum, bluff, caves, and more.
On Foot
NATURE TRAILS: One of the best nature trails in Cayman
Brac is at the Parrot Reserve . Located in the center of the is-
land, this trail is great for self-guided tours. The trail is a mile
long and takes hikers through the reserve, which is home to the endan-
gered Cayman Brac parrot. There is no charge to enter the reserve and
trails are always open. Bring your own water; there are no facilities on the
trail. You'll also want to wear long pants and good shoes for the trek, which
traverses ironshore.
To reach the reserve, travel from either the North Side Road or the South
Side Road to the center road called Ashton Reid Drive (but known as Bluff
Road). Take this road to the intersection of the gravel Major Donald Drive
(a.k.a. Lighthouse Road) and continue to the Parrot Reserve and the
lighthouse. For more information, contact Wallace Platts, chairman of the
trust's district committee, at
The gravel road is well graded and can be maneuvered by bicycles (just
watch out for the stray cow or two!). This road has long been used by
Brackers who once planted “grounds” or small gardens in the pockets of
dirt found here (remember, much of the island is ironshore and just about
impossible for gardening).
From the Parrot Reserve, continue traveling on Major Donald Drive east
to the lighthouse , located at the end of the road (and high atop the bluff;
don't get too close to the edge!). There are actually two beacons at this
point; an historic lighthouse and a newer model. Both are just lights atop
tall towers, but the view from this area is dramatic; the 140-foot-high
bluff is the highest point in the Cayman Islands. A trail weaves its way to
the edge and provides excellent photo opportunities. Rocky paths snake
their way along the bluff; wear hiking boots for this challenge.
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