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Wreck of the Ten Sails Monument , Gun Bay in East End. The history of
the Wreck of the Ten Sails is recalled at this monument opened by Queen
Elizabeth II on her visit to the island in 1994. Cayman's most famous ship-
wreck wasn't actually one wreck, but 10. The Wreck of the Ten Sails oc-
curred on February 8, 1794 when a fleet of 10 British ships, sailing from
Jamaica, hit the reefs of Gun Bay. When the lead ship ran into trouble on
the reefs, it put up its signal flags to warn the other ships. Here the story
becomes somewhat of a mystery; it is unknown whether the ship hoisted
the wrong flag or whether the flag was misread by the other ships but,
tragically, the other vessels, one by one, wrecked on the reef. Residents
rowed out to the reef and saved almost every sailor. Legend has it that, be-
cause of the heroic rescue by the residents, King George III gave the is-
lands tax-free status. This part of the legend is untrue.
Shopping is pretty limited on this end of the island, although
you'll find some souvenir shops at Rum Point. One good option for
travelers heading all the way east is the Wreck View Art Gal-
lery , located in East End opposite the Portofino restaurant. This gallery
features local wood carvings made of driftwood, mahogany and coconut as
well as original paintings. Open Sunday through Friday;
or 947-6512.
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