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South of Rum Point, Cayman Kai is a quiet residential area filled with
beautiful, expensive homes, and some untouched land that's still good for
Rum Point and Cayman Kai look west across a vast, shallow body of water
called the North Sound. The sound lies between the wrench's open jaws.
Where this body of water meets the sea is the home of Stingray City ,a
must-do for any Cayman visitor, diver or not. Read more about Grand
Cayman's top attraction in the East of George Town section (pages 140-
Returning to the wrench, picture the top jaw of the tool. At the point where
it meets the handle is is the location of George Town , the capital of the
Cayman Islands and home of Owen Roberts Internationl Airport. Most
visitors begin their vacation in this clean, orderly community.
From George Town, Seven Mile Beach sprawls to the north, tucked be-
tween the Caribbean Sea and the North Sound. This narrow strip of land
may be small but it's not short on accommodations and restaurants; this is
the heart of vacation land. Seven Mile Beach ends at West Bay , the clump
of land on the westernmost side of the North Sound.
And while Grand Cayman offers plenty of activities for even the most ac-
tion-packed vacation, don't feel you're bound by this 76-square-mile is-
land. It's a short hop from George Town to either of the sister islands for an
overnight stay or just a day-trip. Also, inter-island flights connect Little
Cayman and Cayman Brac, so you can, on any given day, do a little island-
hopping for a totally different experience.
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