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Tarpon Feeding
Watching the Tarpon Feeding is a Cayman must: you've got to take part at
least once during your visit. Restaurants usually stagger their feeding
times; each event draws huge tarpon (most three feet long) to compete for
chunks of fish. You'll find tarpon feeding at Rackham's Pub ,
3860, and the Almond Tree ,
345-949-2893, both on North Church
Street, and at The Wharf ,
345-949-2231, just outside George Town on
West Bay Road.
George Town isn't known for its beaches (most of its coast is ironshore), but
you will find a beach at Club Paradise , 96 South Church Street,
945-1444. Shaded with willowy casuarina trees, the beach has a bar and
open-air restaurant; it's also home to Abanks' Divers (yes, like the one in
The Firm).
Farther east, Smith's Cove is a beautiful, quiet beach tucked in a residen-
tial area south of George Town. To reach Smith's Cove, follow South
Church Street.
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