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The Nautilus also offers the two-hour Captain Nemo's Adventure Tour,
which begins with the one-hour undersea trip. The vessel then moors over
a wreck or reef and visitors can walk about above or below deck, swim or
snorkel. The afternoon tour is priced at $39 for adults, $19 for children.
Seaworld Explorer , South Church Street,
345-949-7700. Not a true
submarine but actually a glorified glass-bottom boat, the Seaworld Ex-
plorer sits next to the Atlantis submarine. It is a good option for those who
might feel a little claustrophobic about a submarine adventure, since it
does not actually submerge. Visitors descend into a glass observatory and
view marine life as well as two shipwrecks. The Explorer travels to the
Cali , a schooner that hit the reef in 1944, and the Balboa , a freighter from
Cuba destroyed by a hurricane. Today, the wrecks are encased in corals
and filled with fish life. Tickets for the Seaworld Explorer are US $35 per
person; children ages two-12 pay US $19. Tours last one hour.
Underwater Photography
Good underwater photos are the best souvenirs divers and snorkelers can
bring home. If you're serious about underwater photography, consider a
class taught by George Town's Cathy Church. Cathy Church's Under-
water Photo Centre and Galleries also offers E6 film processing, un-
derwater camera rentals, and Nikon repair. Open daily at Sunset House
Hotel. For information,
345-949-7415 or visit the center's Web site at
Another option is Cayman Camera, Ltd. , South Church Street, George
345-949-8359. This shop sells underwater camera gear including
inexpensive disposable cameras.
On the Water
Pirate Sails
Yo ho ho, the pirate ship anchored off George Town's shores is
friendly and lots of fun. The Jolly Roger , which claims to be the
only authentic replica of a 17th-century Spanish galleon in the
Caribbean, offers several kinds of buccaneering fun. Take a pirate cruise
(walk the plank if you don't set the sails!) and you can fire the cannon and
witness a sword fight. Dinner cruises and sunset sails also offered (see
page 127). Price is US $30 for the pirate cruise. Call for sailing dates (three
times per week) and boarding times; reservations are needed. The ship de-
parts from The Jewelry Factory across from the Hard Rock Café at George
Town Harbour,
345-945-7245 or 945-SAIL, e-mail
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