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busy during the day). Rich with marine life from corals to sponges to bril-
liant parrotfish, this is one of Grand Cayman's top dive sites.
Soto's Reef: This reef lies just offshore from the Lobster Pot (see Where to
Eat , page 126). Ranging in depth from five to 35 feet, the reef is dotted with
coral formations.
The Black Forest: Beautiful black coral and waving gorgonians make
this site indeed seem like the Black Forest. Located at 60 to 100 feet, this
wall dive is just off the island's southwest point, but isn't accessible as a
shore dive.
Smiths Cove: Although often considered a snorkel site, Smiths Cove (off
South Church Street just south of George Town) is an easy shore dive as
well. The reef starts just a few feet from the surface and divers can also ex-
plore the West Wall from this location.
Wreck of the Cali : Located in just over 20 feet of water about 100 feet off-
shore, the Cali is a shallow dive recommended for beginners. Experienced
divers can save the Cali for departure day, when they can't scuba dive; the
site offers a great snorkel experience and is a good way to finish off your
Cayman vacation.
If you'd like to introduce your children to the joys of scuba diving, you
might give SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youths) a try. This program,
operated by Red Sail Sports, was developed by a Cayman father for his
children. It allows young divers to breath from a continuous air supply and
has buoyancy compensator to keep children floating safely near the sur-
face. For more about this program, see page 95. Units are available for use
at Red Sail Sports ( locations at the Hyatt Regency
Grand Cayman (
345-949-8745), Westin Casuarina Resort (
8732), and Marriott Grand Cayman (
In March 2000, the Cayman Islands established the International
Scuba Diving Hall of Fame with 19 inductees who have made a
significant contribution to the world of recreational scuba diving.
The Hall of Fame is temporarily located in the Port Complex in
George Town and is a member of the International Association of
Sports Museums and Halls of Fame.
Lloyd Bridges (US): star of the television show Sea Hunt and
responsible for introducing many viewers to the world of scuba
Jacques-Yves Cousteau (France): the best-known aquatic ex-
plorer in the world, Cousteau co-invented the aqualung and
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