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list of dive operators on Grand Cayman, see Where Are the Adventures? ,
pages 71-73.
Eden Rock and Devil ' s Grotto: Eden Rock Dive Shop on South Church
Road is the entry point for one of George Town's most popular dive sites.
Eden Rock and the Devil's Grotto, located about 150 yards from the shore,
are shallow dives but unique. Both are labyrinths of grottos running out
from the shore. Eden Rock is popular not only with divers but also with
snorkelers who enjoy the easy entrance and a view of the tunnels and often
large tarpon. Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto have a depth of 30-50 feet.
Parrot ' s Reef: Parrot's Reef and, beyond that, Sunset Reef, are dive sites
filled with marine life. They are just yards from shore. Parrot's Reef has a
depth of 30-60 feet.
The Wreck of the Balboa : The hurricane of 1932 accounted for the
wreck of this freighter, which today lies 25 to 40 feet below the surface.
Some of the ship remains intact, but other parts were blown away to clear
the traffic channel. This is a popular night dive because of the depth (and
because this site sits right in the George Town Harbour waterway, which is
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