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ing Jamaica.
For the American traveler, perhaps no other Caribbean islands offer the
creature comforts and the feeling of being at “a home away from home”
found here. This is especially true of Grand Cayman. This island, together
with its smaller “sister” islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman ,en-
tailor-made for vacationers. Here you'll find all the comforts of the US, as
well as an American standard of service in many restaurants, bars, and
hotels. The islands' atmosphere is due largely to the many stateside ex-
pats who make their home here.
On the other hand, all this security and comfort comes at a price, and a
steep one at that. When you step off the plane, 20% of your dollar is lost in
the exchange rate. You'll be met by price tags that would be expensive if
paid with a fully valued dollar; in paying with a dollar now worth only 80¢,
you may find yourself gasping at some figures. There are ways to save
money and do Cayman on just about any budget, though, and this topic
will help make your dollar go as far as possible.
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