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Grand Cayman
Both the history and natural history of the area can be learned on a trip
with Silver Thatch Excursions . These tours are operated by Geddes
Hislop, former Public Education Manager Officer for the National Trust,
and his wife, Janet. Hislop worked on the interpretive development of two
of the island's top environmental attractions: the Queen Elizabeth II Bo-
tanic Park and the Mastic Trail. Six different tours are available, includ-
ing The Eastern Experience (historic sites from Old Prospect to the Ten
Sails Monument in East End); Walk the Mastic Trail; Botanic Park Adven-
tures (two options, including the Historic Route and the Environmental
Route); A Walk Back In History (historic walking tour of West Bay, central
George Town, visit to Old Prospect, Watler's Cemetery and Old Savannah
Schoolhouse); and Birdwatching Excursions to one or more natural wild-
life habitats, such as Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary, Meagre Bay
Pond, the Botanic Park and Malportas Farm.
Hotel pickup and return, drink, and a snack (sandwich and traditional
Caymanian pastries) are included. For information,
345-945-6588, fax
345-949-3342. For more information about tours offered by Silver Thatch,
see pages 50 and 89.
Cayman Brac
Visitors to Cayman Brac have an excellent source of free tours; local resi-
dent T.J. Sevik leads specialized nature and eco-tours, custom designed
for your interests; for arrangements contact Kenny Ryan or Mrs. Wanda
345-948-2651, fax 345-948-2506.
For other tour options, check with these operators:
D&M Taxi-N-Tours , Spot Bay,
345-948-2307. Customized tours of the
island, including the bluff and the lighthouse, are available through this
Elo's Tours and Taxi Service , The Bight,
345-948-0220. This com-
pany offers guided tours around the island including the caves. Trips to the
lighthouse cost extra.
Hill's Taxi , Spot Bay,
345-948-0540. These tours cover the caves, light-
house, museum, and more.
Maple Edwards Taxi , Spot Bay,
345-948-0395. These tours include
the museum, bluff, caves, and more.
Little Cayman
LCB Tours , Blossom Village,
800-327-3835 or 345-948-1033, e-mail This tour company visits the bird sanctuary, museum, and
more; snorkel trips are also available.
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