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• At the end of the block, use the pedestrian underpass (which also leads to a pair of very
convenient downtown Metro stops—Nevsky Prospekt on the blue line, and Gostiny Dvor
on the green line) to cross beneath Nevsky Prospekt: Take the ramp down, turn right, then
turn right again up the next ramp.
Gostiny Dvor to Fontanka River
You'll pop out of the underpass at Gostiny Dvor (which means, basically, “guest court-
yard”—like a Turkish caravanserai). Built in the 1760s, this marketplace is a giant but hol-
low structure, with two stories of shops (more than 100 in all) wrapping around a central
courtyard. To see an undiscovered corner of Nevsky that most tourists miss, head upstairs:
At the corner of the building nearest the underpass, go through the door and up the stairs,
then find your way back outside to reach the tranquil, beautifully symmetrical arcades.
Standing at the corner, the arches seem to recede in both directions nearly as far as the eye
can see.
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