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Through Viru Gate: Cross through the square (left of the Town Hall's tower) and
go downhill (passing the kitschy medieval Olde Hansa Restaurant, with its bonneted wait-
resses and merry men). Continue straight down Viru street toward Hotel Viru, the blocky
white skyscraper in the distance. Viru street is old Tallinn's busiest and kitschiest shopping
street. Just past the strange and modern wood/glass/stone mall, Müürivahe street leads left
along the old wall, called the “Sweater Wall.” This is a colorful and tempting gauntlet of
women selling knitwear (anything with images and bright colors is likely machine-made).
Beyond the sweaters, Katariina Käik, a lane with glassblowing shops, leads left. Back on
Viru street, pass the golden arches and walk through the medieval arches—Viru Gate—that
mark the end of old Tallinn. Outside the gates, opposite Viru 23, above the flower stalls, is
a small park on a piece of old bastion known as the Kissing Hill (come up here after dark
and you'll find out why).
Use the crosswalk to your right to reach the...
ViruKeskusMall: Here, behind Hotel Viru, at the end of this walk, you'll find the
real world: branch TI, Internet café, basement supermarket, ticket service, bookstore, and
many bus and tram stops. If you still have energy, you can cross the busy street by the com-
plex and explore the nearby Rotermann Quarter.
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