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and fast (6-7/day, 2-hour crossing). Eckerö Line has just one slow, inexpensive sailing per
day (3.5-hour crossing).
Slower boats—all except Linda Line—have smörgåsbord buffets (€10 for breakfast,
€26 for dinner). The slower the boat, the more likely it is to be filled with “four-legged
Finns” crazy about cheap booze, slot machines, and karaoke.
Advance reservations aren't essential, but usually save a little money, ensure your
choice of departure, and provide peace of mind. The boat lines encourage online booking
with small discounts and, increasingly, have only toll phone numbers—something to keep
in mind if you need to talk to a real person. You can also buy tickets at the port or at travel
agencies. The helpful Helsinki Expert desk in the Helsinki TI sells tickets (€8 fee per
booking) and posts a sheet clearly explaining departures and costs. The TI in Tallinn posts
a list but does not sell tickets, though you'll find travel agencies in the Old Town that do
(see “Helpful Hints,” later).
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