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mitage, then follow my self-guided Nevsky Prospekt walk. But for a wider-ranging exper-
ience, skip the Hermitage and follow this ambitious plan (if you're not up for it all, omit
the Russian Museum):
Follow my self-guided Nevsky Prospekt walk (about 2 hours), stopping in the Kazan
Cathedral (30 minutes), Church on Spilled Blood (30 minutes), and Russian Museum (2
hours). Along the way, grab a quick lunch (30 minutes) and take some time to shop and
linger (30 minutes).
15:00 Take a canal-boat cruise.
16:00 Ride the Metro to the Peter and Paul Fortress, and tour the Romanov tombs at the cathed-
18:00 Walk back across the Neva, pausing at Strelka for a panoramic view.
Attend the ballet (seasonal), a concert, the circus... or simply enjoy the city's famous
“White Nights.”
St. Petersburg in Two, Three, or More Days
Day 1
9:00 Follow my self-guided walk along Nevsky Prospekt to acquaint yourself with the city.
11:00 Visit the Kazan Cathedral and Church on Spilled Blood, and grab a quick lunch.
13:00 Tour the Russian Museum.
15:00 Take a canal-boat cruise or visit the Dostoyevsky Museum.
16:30 Ride the bus to St. Isaac's Cathedral.
18:30 Dinner.
Evening Ballet, concert, circus, etc.
Day 2
10:30 Plunge into the Hermitage.
13:30 Grab a quick lunch, then walk across the Neva River to the Strelka viewpoint, continuing
to Peter and Paul Fortress.
15:30 If you're not pooped yet, tour the Kunstkamera; for a break, stroll through the Summer
18:30 Dinner.
Evening See above.
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