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S = Single, D = Double/Twin, T = Triple, Q = Quad, b = bathroom, s = shower. Un-
less otherwise noted, credit cards are accepted, English is spoken, and breakfast is
To help you sort easily through these listings, I've divided the accommodations in-
to three categories, based on the full (non-weekend) price for a standard double room
with bath during high season:
$$$ Higher Priced —Most rooms €150 or more.
$$ Moderately Priced —Most rooms between €80-150.
$ Lower Priced —Most rooms €80 or less.
Prices can change without notice; verify the hotel's current rates online or by email.
$ Omena Hotelli (“Apple Hotel”), with three equally handy 100-room locations in
downtown Helsinki, is the newest concept in budget slumbermills. Omena's hotels are en-
tirely automated: You book on the Web, they bill you, and you receive a room access
code. The rooms, while spartan, are perfectly good, with flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, mi-
crowaves, and modern bathrooms. Because the price is for the room, and each room comes
with a double bed and two petite hide-away beds, this can be a fine value for families.
But keep in mind that you can't check in until 16:00 (Qb-€45-85, breakfast at nearby cafés
runs €6-8, free Wi-Fi, Lönnrotinkatu 13, Eerikinkatu 24, or Yrjönkatu 30, toll booking tel.
0600-18018—only answered Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00, ). Check their website
for deals and details.
Expensive Hotels with Great Weekend Deals
On Friday and Saturday nights and from late June to early August, Helsinki's more expens-
ive hotels usually have great room deals. Checking the websites of the following places
can save you a bundle. Prices sometimes get even better if you agree to a nonrefundable
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