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(stocked at the Helsinki TI, ferry terminal, and the visitors center) covers the island thor-
Cost and Hours: Visitors center-free, Suomenlinna Museum-€6.50, both open daily
May-Sept 10:00-18:00, Oct-April 10:30-16:30, tel. 09/684-1850, .
The island has several skippable smaller museums, including a toy museum and several
military museums (€3-4 each, open summer only).
Suomenlinna Timeline
1748 —Construction began.
1788 —The fort was used as a base for a Swedish war against Russia.
1808 —It was surrendered by Sweden to Russia.
1809 —Finland became part of the Russian Empire and the fort was used as a Russian
garrison for 108 years.
1855 —French and British navies bombarded the fort during the Crimean War, inflict-
ing heavy damage.
1917 —Finland declared independence.
1918 —The fort was annexed by Finland and renamed Suomenlinna.
1939 —The fort served as a base for the Finnish navy.
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