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Both Viking Line and Tallink Silja sail nightly from Stockholm and Helsinki year-round.
In both directions, the boats leave at about 17:00 and arrive the next morning around 10:00.
Both companies also sail daily between Stockholm and Turku, Finland. For exact sched-
ules, see and .
Scenery: During the first few hours out of Stockholm, your ship passes through the
Skärgården (archipelago). The third hour features the most exotic island scenery—tiny is-
lets with cute red huts and happy people. I'd have dinner at the first sitting (shortly after de-
parture) and be on deck for sunset. But if you don't like cold temperatures, book the second
sitting because the deck gets chilly later in the cruise.
Time Change: Finland is one hour ahead of Sweden. Sailing from Stockholm to Hel-
sinki, operate on Swedish time until you're ready to go to bed, then reset your watch. Morn-
ing schedules are Finnish time, and vice versa when you return. The cruise-schedule flier
in English makes this clear—pick it up as you board.
Fares vary by season, by day of the week, and by cabin class. Mid-June to mid-August is
most crowded and expensive (with prices the same regardless of day). Off-season, Friday
is always the most expensive night to travel, while Sunday through Wednesday nights are
the cheapest.
In summer, a one-way ticket per person for the cheapest bed that has a private bath (in a
below-sea-level, under-car-deck “C” quad) costs about €50-70. Couples will pay a total of
about €150-200 for the cheapest double room (with bath) that's above the car deck.
Round-trip cruise fares (across and back on successive nights, leaving you access to
your bedroom throughout the day) generally cost much less than two one-way trips. (In
peak season, the cheapest double cabin round-trip is about €250-300.) The drawback is that
this itinerary leaves you with only a few hours on land. But you can get the round-trip fare
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