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Figure 2.26 Schematic representation of the ventilated PV fa¸ade in the Mataro building
Maximumconvective heat fluxes of 50Wm 2 were obtained from thewarmPV side
and 10Wm 2 from the colder glazing side. This corresponds to maximum convective
heat transfer coefficients of 3.2Wm 2 K 1 on the warm side and 2.5Wm 2 K 1 on
the cold side.
Using the new Nusselt correlation for the determination of convective heat transfer
coefficients, all temperature levels can be calculated to a good precision (Figure 2.30)
and annual energy balance simulations can be done for different operating strategies.
Several cases were distinguished to show the influence of different gap sizes and of
the chosen control strategy for fa¸ade ventilation.
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