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Figure 2.23 Building description of the Mataro library building with an integrated PV double fa¸ade
temperature levels are in general well above a standard fa¸ade. Temperature levels
were measured on all surfaces as well at the air entry and exit (see Figure 2.27).
On a day with a high fa¸ade irradiance up to nearly 700Wm 2 , all temperature
levels were analysed in detail and the fa¸ade simulationmodel was tested. The entry air
temperatures in the fa¸adewere significantly higher (up to 6 K) than the air temperature
measured on a shaded side of the building (see Figure 2.28).
On the outer glass pane of the PV module, temperature levels of nearly 60 C
were measured (see Figure 2.29). To model this type of fa¸ade with highly absorbing
elements and asymmetric heat flow conditions, the new Nusselt correlation from
Equation 2.1 was used. As can be seen in Figure 2.29, the calculated surface
Figure 2.24 Public library building in Mataro, Spain, with ventilated PV fa¸ade
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