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Figure 2.11 Schematic view of the fa¸ade system at the Zeppelin Carre building in Stuttgart, Germany
It is known that due to solar irradiance absorption the ambient air temperature in front
ofafa¸ade is higher than a shaded air temperature sensor. Here the inlet air temperature
of the double fa¸ade was already 1-2 K higher than ambient air temperature. The
asymmetric placing of the sun shades in a fa¸ade gap of 0.5m leads to different flow
velocities in the narrower external gap and the wider gap towards the double glazing.
Detailed measurements were taken in 2004 on temperatures at different heights of
the south-west-facing double fa¸ade and on flow conditions. For a completely closed
blind position (Case C), maximum blind temperatures of 44 C were measured at an
irradiance of about 600Wm 2 . The blind temperature difference between the top of
the fa¸ade and the bottom was a maximum of 3 K. For high irradiances between 500
and 600Wm 2 , the blind temperature was about 10-12 K higher than the inlet air
temperature (see Figure 2.12).
Figure 2.12 Inlet air and blind temperatures at different heights in the fa¸ade gap together with
irradiance conditions over 4 days
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