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Figure 2.4 Distribution of irradiance from the solar simulator
Single Fa¸ade Energy Transmittance
The accuracy of the total energy transmission measurements was checked over a range
of single fa¸ade glazing with different U and g -values.
First a low-e coated double glazing (Isolar Neutralux premium) was measured and
compared with data from the manufacturer with U
1.4Wm 2 K 1 , g
0 . 63 and
0.52 for the optical transmission.
The experiment was carried out at boundary conditions of 475Wm 2 external
irradiance, an external heat transfer coefficient of 25Wm 2 K 1 , an internal heat
transfer coefficient of 10Wm 2 K 1 , a room air temperature of 21.5 C and cooling
box temperature of 22.2 C. Measured, simulated and manufacturers g -values cor-
respond well ( g -value measured: 0.64; calculated: 0.63; manufacturers information:
0.63). The surface temperature level at the inside facing the room reached 27.6 C (see
Figure 2.5).
Figure 2.5 Temperature profile of double glazing without shading system
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