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Figure 6.41 INSEL block diagram for a grid-connected PV system in the graphical editor, where
measured data is read from a data socket server and simulated data is written back
To avoid data losses in case of communication problems with the socket connection
using computers on different sites, it is advisable to run a local client on the server
computer, which just writes hourly or daily data files. In the demonstration application
all the measured data is written to a data socket server in Offenburg from a LabVIEW
visualization. The Stuttgart data socket client accesses the real-time data each second,
performs a complete system simulation for the given meteorological boundary con-
ditions and writes back the simulated results to the data socket server - all within a
millisecond (see Figure 6.41). If the graphical interface from Agilent VEE is used as
the data acquisition software, all tasks such as data logging, visualization, communica-
tion and simulation are combined within the same INSEL simulation environment. If
other software packages such as LabVIEW are employed for monitoring purposes, all
INSEL blocks for simulation and communication can be easily integrated as functions
from dynamic link libraries. VEE is mainly used in the INSEL simulation environment
to construct simulation models freely using the available blocks within the menu struc-
ture. In addition, powerful visualization tools are provided. The visualization scheme
can easily integrate the simulated values from the online remote simulation and issues
alarms if significant deviations are detected between simulation and measurement.
6.3.3 Online Simulation for the Commissioning and Operation
of Photovoltaic Power Plants
Experimental Set-up for Remote PV System Simulation
To test and demonstrate the method, a small grid-connected PV power plant was
monitored at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg and remotely simu-
lated at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart. The PV generator consists
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