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Account . For every customer, an account is maintained. For your purposes, each
account has a number and a running cash balance from which fees are deducted
as needed. The customer's transaction fee tier is also stored at this level.
Transaction . Each trade has a corresponding record in the Transactions table. The
data here is used to determine the current state of the account (how many shares
are held, and so on).
Ticker . For each stock that has been traded by the brokerage company's
customers, a record exists in this table containing the ticker and the most recent
closing price for the stock.
This chapter discussed the agile development process and how you can apply it to batch development.
The chapter continued along those lines by defining requirements via user stories for the sample
application you build throughout the course of this topic. From this point, the topic switches from the
“what” and “why” of Spring Batch to the “how.”
In the next chapter, you take a deep dive into Spring Batch's concepts of jobs and steps and look at a
number of other-specific examples.
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