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Figure 3-2. Plain-text brokerage statement
Typically, statements are created as follow. A batch process creates a print file consisting of little
more than text. That print file is then sent to a printer that prints the text onto the decorated paper,
producing the final statement. The print file is the piece you create using Spring Batch. Your batch
process will perform the following functions:
1. Import a file of customer information and related transactions.
2. Retrieve from a web service the closing stock prices for all the stocks included
in the database.
3. Import the previously downloaded stock prices into the database.
4. Calculate the pricing level for each of the accounts.
5. Calculate the transaction fees for each transaction based on the level
calculated in the previous step.
6. Print the file for the brokerage account for the past month.
Let's look at what each of these features entails. Your job is provided with a customer-transaction
flat file that consists of information about a customer and their transactions for the month. Your job
updates existing customer information and adds their transactions to the database. When the
transactions have been imported, the job obtains the latest prices for each of the stocks in the database
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