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<transactionDate>2010-10-27 05:56:59</transactionDate>
<transactionDate>2010-10-06 21:51:05</transactionDate>
The customer file is structured as a collection of customer sections. Each of these contains a
collection of transaction sections. Spring Batch parses lines in flat files into FieldSets. When working
with XML, Spring Batch parses XML fragments that you define into your domain objects. What is a
fragment? As Figure 7-4 shows, an XML fragment is a block of XML from open to close tag. Each time the
specified fragment exists in your file, it will be considered a single record and converted into an item to
be processed.
Figure 7-4. XML fragments as Spring Batch sees them
In the customer input file, you have the same data at the customer level. You also have a collection
of transaction elements within each customer, representing the list of transactions you put together in
the multiline example previously.
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