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One of the strengths of Spring Batch is that real developers wrote it who have experience developing
batch processes in various enterprises. From this experience comes not only a comprehensive
framework but also a wealth of documentation to boot. The Spring Batch web site contains one of the
best collections of documentation for an open source project I've ever worked with. Along with the
formal documentation, the JavaDoc is also useful for API specifics. Finally, Spring Batch provides 19
different sample jobs for you to reference as you develop your own batch applications (see Table 2-2).
Table 2-2. Sample Batch Jobs
Batch Job
An infinite loop used to demonstrate the exposing of elements via
JMX and the running of the job in a background thread (instead of
the main JobLauncher thread).
A job with two steps that is used to demonstrate the mapping of
file fields to domain objects as well as validation of file-based
A step can have only one reader and writer. The CompositeWriter
is the way around this. This sample job demonstrates how.
Uses an ItemProcessor to filter out customers that aren't valid.
This job also updates the filter count field of the step execution.
Using the ItemReaderAdapter, delegates the reading of input to a
configured method of a POJO.
A football statistics job. After loading two input files, one with
player data and one with game data, the job generates a selection
of summary statistics for the players and games and writes them
to the log file.
Uses Groovy (a dynamic JVM language) to script the unzipping
and zipping of a file.
Using callbacks, adds the ability to render a header and footer on
the output.
Spring Batch readers and writers don't use Hibernate by default.
This job shows how to integrate Hibernate into your job.
Just a job with an infinite loop, used to demonstrate stop and
restart scenarios
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