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Even with the impressive list of features that Spring Batch includes, the greatest thing is that it's built on
Spring. With the exhaustive list of features that Spring provides for any Java application, including
dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming (AOP), transaction management, and
templates/helpers for most common tasks (JDBC, JMS, e-mail, and so on), building an enterprise batch
process on a Spring framework offers virtually everything a developer needs.
As you can see, Spring Batch brings a lot to the table for developers. The proven development model
of the Spring framework, scalability, and reliability features as well as an administration application are
all available for you to get a batch process running quickly with Spring Batch.
How This Topic Works
After going over the what and why of batch processing and Spring Batch, I'm sure you're chomping at
the bit to dig into some code and learn what building batch processes with this framework is all about.
Chapter 2 goes over the domain of a batch job, defines some of the terms I've already begun to use ( job ,
step , and so on), and walks you through setting up your first Spring Batch project. You honor the gods by
writing a “Hello, World!” batch job and see what happens when you run it.
One of my main goals for this topic is to not only provide an in-depth look at how the Spring Batch
framework works, but also show you how to apply those tools in a realistic example. Chapter 3 provides
the requirements and technical architecture for a project that you implement in Chapter 10.
This chapter walked through a history of batch processing. It covered some of the challenges a developer
of a batch process faces as well as justified the use of Java and open source technologies to conquer
those challenges. Finally, you began an overview of the Spring Batch framework by examining its high-
level components and features. By now, you should have a good view of what you're up against and
understand that the tools to meet the challenges exist in Spring Batch. Now, all you need to do is learn
how. Let's get started.
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