HTML and CSS Reference
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Color Format
6-Hex Color
CSS's six-digit hexadecimal format is
the same as how colors are defined in
(X)HTML. The format specifies a color
as # rrggbb , where rr is the amount of
red, gg the amount of green, and bb
the amount of blue, all specified as a
hexadecimal value ranging from 00 to FF.
div {font-family:
Courier; font-size:
10pt; color: #00CCFF;}
3-Hex Color
This is an RGB hexadecimal format with
an # rgb value, where r corresponds to a
hex value (0-F) for red, g for green, and
b for blue. For example, #f00 would
specify pure red, while #fff would
specify white. Given its data limits, the
format is less expressive than 6-Hex
span {font-family:
Helvetica; font-size:
14pt; color: #0CF;}
HSL Color
CSS3 introduces Hue Saturation
Lightness (HSL), where color values are
specified as hsl( hue,saturation,
lightness ) . Hue is set as the degree
on the color wheel, where if you wrap
around 0 or 360 is red, 120 is green,
and 240 is blue, with the various other
colors found between. Saturation is
a percentage value, with 100% the
fully saturated color. Lightness is a
percentage, with 0% being dark and
100% light, with the average 50% being
the norm.
#red {
color: hsl(0,100%,
#green {
#blue {
HSLa Color
This is a CSS3 Hue Saturation
Lightness (HSL) value with a fourth
value to set the alpha channel
value for the color to define the
opacity of the element. An HSLa
is specified via a function style
hsla( hue,saturation,
lightness,alpha ) , where hue,
saturation, and lightness are the
same as standard hsl() values and
the alpha channel value for defining
opacity is a number between 0 (fully
transparent) and 1 (fully opaque).
#bluetrans {color: hsla
T ABLE C-4 CSS Color Values (continued)
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