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PC Mac Font Similarity
Inspecting the fonts in the previous sections, it should be obvious that the operating
systems do share a number of fonts that are identical or close enough for most viewers.
If a comma-delimited list of similar fonts is used in HTML or CSS, we then can likely
render text in a desired font with some assurance it might look as intended. Many Web
editors assist in choosing such fonts.
A detailed list of the common font combinations is shown in Table B-3.
While the font list in Table B-3 is commonly used, the reality of renderings across systems
is a bit variable. Obvious font differences are clear when we see some secondary fonts
chosen. For example, the difference between Comic Sans MS and Cursive is pretty obvious.
In other cases, we run into a more troubling situation where the font is supported on an
operating system but only in some browsers. For example, Webdings and Symbol will vary
dramatically in their browser support, as shown here:
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