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This property is used to zoom in or out on an element.
zoom: float | percentage | normal
where a percentage value of 100% or a float value of 1.0 is the same as normal . A value of
200% or 2.0 is equivalent, while 0.5 and 50% is the same as well.
.double {zoom: 200%;}
.double2 {zoom: 2.0;}
.reallysmall {zoom: 0.10;}
.reallysmall2 {zoom: 10%;}
#zoomOff {zoom: normal;}
No specification
IE 5.5+
• Under IE 8 this should be written as -ms-zoom to specify it as an extension.
• Some developers find setting the zoom property to 1.0 a useful way to force layout
in Internet Explorer when an element is not showing itself properly.
• Firefox and other browsers implement user-initiated zooming features at the
browser level. Because of this capability, this property or a similar feature will be
likely added to these other browsers for control by CSS or JavaScript some time in
the future.
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