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The visual presentation of how elements should be resized is not set, but so far it appears
that supporting browsers present a bottom-right resize corner indication.
Chrome 3+, Safari 3+
• The property applies only to elements that do not have an overflow value of
visible . In general, this means that often you may set overflow: auto on
elements you wish to resize, as visible is the common value. Form fields, of
course, do not have that value and require no extra property.
• This property is commonly used on <textarea> tags.
This property defines the alignment of Ruby text as defined by a <rt> tag, in relation to
base text defined by a <ruby> tag.
ruby-align: auto | center | distribute-letter | distribute-space | left |
line-edge | right
The default value of auto leaves it to the browser to align the Ruby text. A value of center
centers the Ruby text in the center of the text below if smaller or centers the reading guide
text above if larger. The distribute-letter and distribute-space values distribute the
reading guide text evenly across the text below, adding space in the case of distribute-
space . Values of left and right align the reading guide text above to the left or right when
it is smaller than the base text. A value of line-edge normally centers the reading guide text
unless the text is at the end of line where in that case it lines it up to the edge instead.
<p> 123 <ruby style="ruby-align: left;"> 日本語
<rp> ( </rp><rt> にほんご </rt><rp> ) </rp></ruby> 456 </p>
<p> 123 <ruby style="ruby-align: right;"> 日本語 <rp> ( </rp><rt> にほんご </
rt><rp> ) </rp></ruby> 456 </p>
<p> 123 <ruby style="ruby-align: center;"> 日本語 <rp> ( </rp><rt> にほんご </
rt><rp> ) </rp></ruby> 456 </p>
<p> 123 <ruby style="ruby-align: distribute;"> 日本語 <rp> ( </rp><rt> にほんご </
rt><rp> ) </rp></ruby> 456 </p>
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