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Aural Property
Allowed Values
url( soundfile ) [mix |
repeat] | auto | none |
Defines a sound that should be
played in the background while
an element is being spoken.
A value of none suppresses
any playing sound that may
have been inherited. A value
of mix can be set to indicate
the playing sound may mix with
inherited sounds; otherwise,
the playing sound replaces any
currently playing sounds. When
a value of repeat is present,
the sound will repeat if the time
of reading is longer than the
background sound.
play-during: url(holdmusic.wav)
mix repeat;}
number | inherit
Specifies the richness or power
of a speaking voice in a range
from 0 to 100 . The higher the
value, the more powerful the
.boom {richness: 80;}
normal | none | spell-
out | inherit
Defines if text should be
spoken or not. A value of none
suppresses aural playback. A
value of normal is standard
reading, and spell-out has
individual letters spoken one at
a time, which is generally only
appropriate when spelling out
acronyms or abbreviations.
.dictate {speak: spell-out;}
.silent {speak: none;}
Specifies if, when reading
tables, cell headers should be
spoken every time or only once
when the table is started.
once | always |
table th {speak-header: once;}
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