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However, this distinction may not matter when an appropriate z-index value has made
the hidden object.
• This property is commonly used with JavaScript to show/hide an element or
perform certain dynamic effects.
• The CSS2 specification introduced the collapse value for this property for use
with table rows and columns to collapse cells. When the value is used on other
elements it should act like the value of hidden .
This property controls how spaces, tabs, and newline characters are handled in an element.
white-space: normal | pre | nowrap | pre-wrap | pre-line | inherit
The normal value collapses multiple whitespace characters into single spaces and
automatically wraps lines, as in normal HTML/XHTML. The pre value makes the element
act much like a <pre> tag and preserves all white space. The value of nowrap prevents lines
from wrapping if they exceed the element's content width. The value of pre-line collapses
white space, save newlines, which are preserved. The value of pre-wrap breaks newlines
that would cause text to break out of an element's box; otherwise, it acts like a pre value.
p {white-space: pre;}
pre {white-space: normal;} /* change pre a bad idea */
.sourcecode {white-space: nowrap;}
.lovereturns {white-space: pre-line;}
CSS 1, 2, 3 IE 4+ Netscape 4+ (partial), Firefox 1+ Opera 4+, Safari 1+
• The values of pre-wrap and pre-line are not supported in older browsers.
This property defines the minimum number of lines in a paragraph to be left at the top of
a page.
widows: integer | inherit
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