HTML and CSS Reference
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.onsale {text-decoration: blink;}
.underlined {text-decoration: underline;}
.struck {text-decoration: line-through;}
CSS 1, 2 IE 4+ Netscape 4+ (incomplete),
Netscape 6+ (complete), Firefox 1+
Opera 4+, Safari 1+
• Many user agents choose not to support the blink value for this property. Action is
to present the text normally. At the time of this writing, IE browsers (8 or less) and
Safari browsers (3 or less) do not support the blink value.
• The text-decoration property is often used with the a element and its associated
pseudo-classes ( a:active , a:hover , a:link , and a:visited ) to turn off link
underlining or set different looks for hover or visited states. Page authors concerned
about accessibility should be careful to provide alternate indicators such as position
or style if underlines are removed.
This property specifies the indent in the first line of a block-level element.
text-indent: length | percentage | inherit
where length is a standard length unit (10px), a percentage is a percentage value relative to
the enclosing element, and inherit derives the value of the property from some parent
p {text-indent: .5em;}
.bigDent {text-indent: 50px;}
.negDent {text-indent: -20px;}
#section1 {text-indent: 15%;}
CSS 1, 2, 3
IE 3+
Netscape 4+, Firefox 1+
Opera 4+, Safari 1+
• This property applies to block elements, table cells, and inline block types.
• The default value is 0 , which indicates no indentation.
This property transforms the case of the affected text.
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