HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
• See the entry for the border-style property for a visual example of each outline
• Outlines may not present themselves as boxes, as borders tend to do, because they
may wrap irregularly shaped elements; see the entry for outline for a visual
example of this.
This property defines a width for an element's outline.
outline-width: length | medium | thick | thin | inherit
Like border-width , this property's values can be keywords ( thin , medium , or thick ) and
numerical lengths such as pixels ( px ), inches ( in ), and so on.
p {outline-style: dashed; outline-width: thick;}
.test {outline-width: 10px; outline-style: solid; outline-color: black;}
CSS 2, 3
IE 8+
Firefox 1.5+
Opera 7+, Safari 1.2+
• Older Firefox- and Mozilla-based browsers like Netscape 6+ could set this value
using a proprietary property -moz-outline-width .
• As described in the entry for outline , when setting outline-width the outline
should not take up canvas space and may overlap other elements.
This property determines an element's behavior when its content doesn't fit into the space
defined by the element's other properties.
overflow: auto | hidden | scroll | visible | inherit
By default, content will be visible , but a value of hidden will clip content that extends past
the defined region size. A value of scroll adds scroll bars appropriately so that content
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