HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Other miscellaneous types of elements, including those that reference other objects such
as images ( img ) or interactive elements ( object ), are also generally found within blocks,
though in some versions of HTML they can stand on their own.
Within block and inline elements, you will find textual content, unless the element is
empty. Typed text may include special characters that are difficult to insert from the
keyboard or require special encoding. To use such characters in an HTML document, they
must be “escaped” by using a special code. All character codes take the form & code ; , where
code is a word or numeric code indicating the actual character that you want to put
onscreen. For example, when adding a less-than symbol (<) you could use &lt; or &#060; .
Character entities also are discussed in depth in Appendix A.
Finally, just as in the head , you may include comments in the body element.
A visual overview of all the items presented in the body is shown here:
Block Elements
Inline Elements
Character Entity
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