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It is possible to match multiple attribute values or even pieces of the attribute values.
For example, to match a value in a space-separated list, you might use a rule like this:
p[title~="Larry"] {font-style: italic;}
This rule would match
<p title="Larry Curly and Moe"> This is italic. </p>
<p title="Larry"> This is italic. </p>
<p title="Larry-The-Stooge"> This is not italic. </p>
To match an attribute value separated by dashes, which is common in language values
(for example, en-uk , en-us , and so on), use a rule like this:
p[lang|="en"] {color: red;} /* English text in red */
This rule would then affect English paragraphs but not paragraphs that have no language
specified or a different value than an English variation:
<p lang="en"> This is English and red. </p>
<p lang="en-uk"> This is British English and red. </p>
<p> Not red no lang specified. </p>
<p lang="fr"> C'est Francais. (Not red) </p>
Later we will see an alternate form of language selection using a CSS3 pseudo-class
called :lang() . We'll save that for later when we discuss other pseudo-classes, but while
we're on the topic of CSS3, let's see what attribute selection possibilities this emerging
specification introduces.
CSS3 Attribute Selectors
CSS3 introduces a number of new attribute selectors. For example, you can now match
attributes that start with a particular value using [attr^=value] . Here we match
paragraphs that have title attributes that start with “Start match”
p [title^="Start match"] {background-color: red;}
and apply them to the following markup:
<p title="Start match"> This should be red. </p>
<p title="No Start Match"> This should not be red. </p>
Using [attr$=value] , we can match the end of an attribute value. For example, here
we match paragraphs with title attributes that end with “match end”
p.group4[title$="match end"] {background-color: red;}
which is demonstrated with this markup:
<p class="group4" title="This should match end"> This should be red. </p>
<p class="group4" title="This won't match end!"> This shouldn't be red. </p>
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